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Big News – This is Big – Really Big – The Biggest News Ever!!!

You have heard of Saturday Night Live, not that big. Oprah, no, Ellen, not that big. Frosh week, uhh, well no, but this is big. Radio Kaleidoscope Canada is pleased to announce Sunday Night Live. The hosts for this amazing program will be announced, possibly even during the show itself. 

Possible guests for this program could include Elmo or any number of the  Sesame street Characters. We have asked for Sean Spicer, but word on the street has it that he is still on assignment, though he has been spotted hiding out in the bushes. My sources suggest that it might be easy to find a few FBI directors with some extra time to kill. From time to time SNL Kaleidoscope will surprise you with special guests.

Radio Kaleidoscope Canada is on the move, and playing great rock and country all the time, 365 days a year. It is import to note that Kaleidoscope plays more than Rock and Country, but Rock and Country dominate. In addition, our staff spends many hours per week ensuring that there is a good turnover in the oven at all times. No, wait, that’s not it. We ensure that there is an excellent turnover of music all the time. Sorry, food does that to me.

Back to SNL, Sunday night. As Block Party ends at 10 pm Atlantic or 9 Eastern, SNL will begin just after 10:10 pm and go for about 20 minutes or so. It will be a blast. Let’s make it a date. I can’t wait to find who will co-host this show, but it will be amazing.

Cheers for now.