Loan gunman attacks Texan Baptist Church, November 5, 2017 ~ As reported by CNN

Southerland Springs, Wilson County, Texas, about 30 miles east of San Antonio. Shooting at the First Baptist Church in Southerland Springs with at least 26 people dead. When I first heard of this attack, my initial response was one of anger, disbelief, and vengeance. This is not the time for such feelings, no matter how warranted. Please take a moment and pray for those affected by this horrific and evil act. Become informed and prepare to help the people of Texas, as you are able.

South End Baptist, Dartmouth, the church where I attend, is just as secluded. None of us are safe. This morning, we discussed that, as Christians, we need to be “risk takers”. In this discussion, and in our culture, it never dawned on me, that in simply going to church, we might be excepting a risk.

Life is tough, it is scary, and it is unpredictable. Try as I might, I cannot get through this blog without mentioning that heinous acts of terror, such as what occurred this morning, in Southerland Springs, is happening far too frequently. We must not kid ourselves into believing that only the United States and other places in the world are in danger. In 2014, we watched, in disbelief, as Moncton, New Brunswick, was under seize by a gunman. This gunman destroyed the lives of countless people in his wake. We are not immuned from such acts of violence and terror.

This digression is essential in helping us to put the Southerland Springs massacre in perspective. Today it is in Texas, tomorrow only God knows where and when it will be. All we know for sure is that there will be a next time. Yes, we must remain vigilant, but we must allow our empathy, compassion, and passion to permeate our minds, bodies, and souls and simply be there for the people who are enduring such hell and devastation.