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Time Change November the 4/5, 2017

It is hard to believe, but yes it is time to turn our clocks back, at least for most of us within North America. Ok, so don’t shoot the messenger. The news isn’t all bad. I mean, we get an extra hour of sleep overnight. In chatting with one friend, she is coming to the end of her vacation, so she gets an extra hour of vacay. If you are off this weekend, you get an extra hour of weekend. See, didn’t I tell you that the news is not all bad. Yes, and let us not forget, that upon rolling back the clock one hour, it is also a great time to change the batteries in our smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. The news keeps getting better and better. Have a great & safe weekend and be sure to make time to relax and to listen to KRN, where we are all about the music.